About [Link search 3D]


[Link search 3D] is an experiment site that has been opened to the public in http://us.link.e-onlineservice.com.
Association and the connection are retrieved. And, it is a mechanism expressing it in 3D space.


Relation display : The mouse is put on the image
Detailed display : Image click
Aspect movement : Mouse wheel
Aspect change : (In the place with nothing, too) Mouse's drug
Image movement : (On the image) Mouse's drug

How to use

Please input and retrieve the key word to want to associate.
A related thing is displayed one after another only by putting the mouse on the displayed image (The connection is retrieved repeating this).
It is possible to move for the mouse wheel and the drug operation (I will look for the anxious image).
Detailed information can be seen in clicking the image.


In this site, the link is free (It links and it doesn't care without the declinature).

The machine power is considerably used.
Very slowly when there are a lot of display images.
We will encourage use with PC that the processing performance is high.


The site is a web page of the type that is called Ajax that asynchronously acquires information from Amazon Web Services and uses it.
The start quaternion etc. handle the matrix for 3D space processing. A moderate technology is made good use of.


Then, please enjoy [Link search 3D]